Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown is a writer, post-graduate research student and political devotee from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield working in the field of Victorian Literature. Her interest in politics has taken her away from any specific party leanings; she likes to think that she criticises all equally. Some things ignite her passion, primarily Britain’s relationship with the European Union but also HS2, welfare reforms and democratic accountability. She has a lot of observations, plenty of questions and some tentative answers to them.


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2 thoughts on “Lucy Brown

  1. […] Dartside Press have just published a compilation of my political blog posts and articles, gathered from four years of observation and irritation. Spanning 2010-2014, the pieces in A Wakefield View of Westminster have been collected from various sites, edited and, where appropriate, commented on. It’s rather fun looking at predictions from three years ago and seeing where we’ve actually ended up. Well, fun and depressing in some cases. […]


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