Lucy Brown

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a manuscript from Lucy Brown which is now in production and will be published in the near future.

As a reminder: we are interested in publishing a wide range of non-fiction books, especially if the subject ends with ‘ology’ or ‘ocracy’, In addition we welcome memoirs, history (including local history) and auto-biographies. For more information on how we work click here.

In the beginning was the word . . . .

.. . . . and it was probably written on a clay tablet, or a piece of bark. Then matters improved (if progress is the same thing as improvement) and scribes took to other materials: parchment, papyrus, paper.

Then, and very suddenly in terms of the history of the word, another way of spreading words became available. The ebook was born. This was a profound moment in the history of publishing. At first sight (and certainly in the eyes of authors whose works had been published in “real books”) the ebook was a disaster. It heralded the end of the word as we know it. But wait, every coin has two sides and the ebook is no exception.

On the one side: publishers found it difficult to cope, bookshops shut left right and centre (and many deeply mourned each one as it disappeared from the high street), authors felt threatened and diehards were appalled (without needing to know why).

Flip that coin over and you see three huge plus factors. People whose sight is no longer as good as it was suddenly found that, thanks to being able to make text bigger on whatever device they were using, they could read again. How good is that? Then there was the modern generation for whom looking at some form of electronic device with a screen was the norm while reading old fashioned books had become seriously uncool. For that generation the ebook suddenly offered them a whole range of literature that they might well have otherwise never read. How good is that? Thirdly (a clumsy word but don’t hold that against it) people who have written or are writing “stuff” with a limited but nevertheless very real appeal can make their work available to the public at almost no cost. How good is that?

Hence Dartside Press (so called because our office is a stone’s throw from the river Dart in south Devon). We are in the business of providing a way for people who have something they want to say a platform on which to say it: an ebook which all and sundry can buy – at no cost to them.

In order to do this and give such ebooks a chance to create a presence in the marketplace, we have had to think long and hard as to the best way to get the ebooks out into that already overcrowded space. In the end we have opted to publish only in the Kindle format through Amazon. That way we can offer attractive royalties to our authors and their books (suitably tagged) will benefit from Amazon’s ability to point readers to the sort of books they want to read. It was not an easy decision and we accept that it will not please everyone but Amazon are the extremely successful in this field  and we want our authors to be able to take advantage of that success. However, nothing is for ever and we shall reconsider this decision at reasonable intervals.

For details of the sort of books we are looking to publish and the way to submit a manuscript as well as some of the more formal stuff, please see SUBMISSIONS however, please note: for now we do NOT intend to publish any fiction.

Obviously you can do all this for yourself if you want to. However, not all writers want to and we are here to assist those who do not.

Just so that you know, Dartside Press published its first book on August 12, 2014. We are that young!